Monday, April 2, 2012

Fabric Wreath Tutorial!!!

I bought this wreath back before Christmas with the intention of making an awesome door hanging from ribbon - didn't happen! Oh well, I thought, I'll just save it until Valentine's Day.... or St. Patrick's Day... or Easter... Well last night I FINALLY did something with it. I made this beautiful fabric wreath for spring/summer!

It wasn't very hard either. All I did was take 7 fat quarters that I liked.

I cut them into about 1 inch strips using the shorter (18") side, so I ended up with about 22 strips that were each 1" x 18".

Then I started tying the strips around the wreath.  I used just a basic square knot to tie them.  When i was done I just shook the wreath to fluff the strips and now I have this awesome, bright, festive wreath hanging on my front door.

Do you like it?  I was thinking about making some for sale in the shop, what do you think?

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