About me!

Who am I? I am Disco Lemonade, a nickname given to me many years ago by a good friend that has just stuck around. By day I am a local super hero, I save lives or something like that.  By night I am a super-mommy, super-wife, super-chef, and super-maid.  Occasionally I have time to do fun crafts and make stuff for my etsy shop.  I believe in reading to my children every night, that my husband comes before everyone except God, and that love is a choice, not an emotion.  I like to try new things at least once.  Usually I'm a sap for anything cute my kids do. 

This is The Man.  I kind of like him, a lot.  He does some plumbing work here and there, but his true yearning is to someday open up a camp.  Not like summer camp where you were dumped as a kid, but a camp facility that organizations can use to hold retreats, conferences, that kind of stuff.  The man and I met at the salon where he used to be a master stylist.  We got engaged at the photo-op pull off for Mt. Sopris between Carbondale and Glenwood Springs and he totally surprised me.  We did almost everything backwards, we already had a house and I had a 4-almost-5 year old when we got married. But for us it works. I'm crazy about him!

This is Peanut. He's 8 going on 21, and he knows it.  He wipes off my kisses in public, but sits on my lap and cuddles when we are home.  He loves to build Legos and play guitar and basketball.  He also loves to play outside with his buddies. Overall, he's amazingly awesome.

This is Squeaky. She loves to sing and dance and is such a happy little kiddo. She also loves to play with her baby and do whatever it is that you are doing - oh, and she sticks her tongue out a lot, because she can.  Recently she has started mimicking Ni Hao Kai-lan and amazes me every day with her ability to tell me colors (and yell at me too I'm sure) in Chinese

This is Bam Bam, our newest addition. He's just a little bugger right now so he doesn't do a whole lot. He smiles all the time and looks at his brother and sister like they are crazy, but lights up when they give him hugs and kisses.  Plus, he's cute so I think we'll keep him. 
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