Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber monday!!!

So, my friends out there in the bloggosphere, what are you all shopping for tomorrow on cyber Monday????

 The Man and I got most of our shopping done on black Friday (yes we were at Wally world at midnight, and it was a sight to see). We picked up some pj's for Peanut and our nephews, a couple of other stocking stuffers for Peanut, and a Crayola Crayon Maker for me (because I'm still a kid at heart and I really like crayons; coloring is great, cheap therapy).  We even took Squeaky with us for her very first black Friday experience.  She spent most of the time sleeping while the Man guarded her in the cart and I shopped, but at least she was there =) 

But even after all the shopping I got done there are still a few things I am waiting until tomorrow to pick up.  One of those is a fabulous Baltic amber necklace from Inspired by Finn.   These necklaces have great reviews in helping to ease teething and arthritis pain and I have a little one who is trying to cut 4 teeth all at once! Tomorrow, for cyber Monday, they will be offering 20% off of everything in their store and an additional 10% off to anyone who goes to their facebook page here and suggests it to friends.  Also, if they can get 15,000 fans by Monday they will increase that 20% to 30%! So you could get a grand total of 40% of your entire order!!!

I am also looking at picking up a few things from the sale at Gussy sews.  I just ran across her site today and the stuff she makes is adorable! For cyber Monday she'll be offering a 30% discount by using the code listed on her site so get over there and check out her adorable bags and stockings! Here's some pics of her super cute bags and stockings:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Community Shopping Night

For anyone who doesn't know or is out of the loop, tonight is the community shopping night out in Roxborough.  There will be a bunch of sellers displaying their wares tonight, including Cookie Lee Jewelry, Rustic Ranch Botique, Vault Denim, Scentsy, Mary Kay, Miche Bags, and more, and of course ME!  Come and kick off your Christmas Shopping and part of our proceeds will go back to benefit Roxborough Primary School. 

Details: Movie Gallery Location at Roxborough Marketplace
on the corner of Rampart Range & Waterton Road
Join us anytime from 6:30-9:30
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